Bamboo crafts got popularity due to its eco friendly attributes. Since ancient times, bamboo crafts had been occupying a significant position as India produces a huge amount of bamboo.

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Process of Bamboo Handicrafts

Bamboo can be used in multiple ways to make handicrafts. Bamboo can be processed into thin strips or sheet materials for bamboo plaiting, commonly known as bamboo strips. The processing procedures of bamboo strips include selecting materials, sawing bamboo, pruning, scraping, dividing, splitting, setting the width, thinning, and chamfering.

Bamboo Handicrafts of North East

Do you know that a grove of bamboo release 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees? And also Bamboo is the FASTEST growing land plant in the world. You know the only thing that grows quicker is giant sea kelp in the ocean is Bamboo grass. Bamboo is a giant grass! It is not a tree. Bamboo grows with shallow grass-like roots (just like a lawn), they just grow hard woody culms instead.

Bamboo Crafts