Jamdani weaving is a style unique to Bengal. It's like doing Hand Embroidery on a loom. Because of the intricate patterns it has, Jamdani has always been a highly expensive product. The process also includes tedious form of hand looming.

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Process of Jamdani Weaving

The method of weaving resembles tapestry work in which small shuttles of coloured, gold or silver threads, are passed through the warp. Jamdani, because of its intricate patterns, has always been a highly expensive product.

Jamdani Weaving of Bengal

Due to the name Jamdani, this fabric suggests a Persian origin and had a very strong influence from the Mughal Empire (from the 16th to 17th Centuries). The term itself suggests that the fabric has intricate flower motifs that adorn it. On the other hand, the Bengali version of its name is Dhakai, which reveals its originated place – Dhaka.

Bengal Jamdani Weaving