Bastar Iron Craft (also referred to as “Wrought iron craft of Baster”) is a traditional Indian craft which is popular in the Bastar district of Chhattisgarh nation, India. The iron craft talent is surpassed through generation to generation in Bastar region.

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Process of Bastar Iron Craft

The raw materials that are generally used for the craft are recycled iron scrap which are either from household use or market. It starts with the process of scrap iron being beaten repeatedly when it's hot. It needs no casting and molding. After that, main body parts are made first and detailing is done.

Wrought Iron Craft of Bastar

Many People don't know that for the protection of Iron Craft of Bastar, it has been mentioned under the geographical indication (GI) of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) agreement. It is also listed at item 82 as “Bastar Iron Craft” of the GI Act 1999 of the Government of India and the registration is confirmed by the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks.

Bastar Wrought Iron

The Beautiful Bastar Art 

India is a culture rich country and the beautiful Bastar art of the Bastar district in Chhattisgarh stands as an example of this! The traditional Bastar art form is a world-known iron craft that brings you beautiful iron decor 

The Beautiful Bastar Art 

India is a culture rich country and the beautiful Bastar art of the Bastar district in Chhattisgarh stands as an example of this! The traditional Bastar art form is a world-known iron craft that brings you beautiful iron decor for your home and handicrafts. Bastar art is also known as the Wrought iron craft of Bastar’. There are other materials used for Bastar art as well like wood, bronze, terracotta, and bamboo. Artisans mix tin and copper together to make the metal that is used in intricate pieces of home decor as well. There are many types of artefacts that you might see with the Wrought craft  including statues of goddesses, idols, and home furnishings. 

The iron handicrafts are made by two tribes, specifically the Marias and Gonds. They specialise in deriving iron from ores. This is how they became the ironsmith community of the tribe. With time, the artisans have started experimenting with different postures, sizes, and forms of statues and home decor. iTokri uses its platform to showcase this beautiful craftsmanship to the world. 

Buy  Bastar Art Online  at iTokri 

Bastar art is an ancient craft that has been passed down from generation to generation in the Bastar district. All the craftsmen try to protect it. However, there isn’t a lot of publicity done for the craft due to which its scope is restricted. Therefore, iTokri brings you the best-wrought iron wall decor and  home decor  items. We represent the community with these products for all uses. 

If you’re specifically looking for show pieces, then you can buy the  Iron Man Music Stand  to make your living room seem a bit ‘musical.’ You can also buy the unique  Kavar Man  iron decor online. This represents the tribal art perfectly with its elaborate iron art done with care by tribal women. You can also buy wrought craft online in the form of the Goti Aadmi  statue that depicts an army of figurines with intricate detailing. 

If you want iron wall decor, then other than  bell chimes  and  wall clocks,  you can go for  The Iron Photo Frame  and  Iron Wall Hanger.  Your guests won’t be able to help themselves from walking closer to these wall hangings and looking at the detailed designs. Your walls will look authentic and rustic, the perfect combination for an Indian house! You can pair this art with some beautiful  key holders, torans,  wall frames  and  photo frames  Your walls will never look barren with iTokri! 

If you’re looking for multipurpose home decor, then you can buy  The Iron Deer Candle Stand,  Iron Monkey Candle Stand  or the  Esu Candle Stand.  These are amazing candle stands to make your living room glow. The light will reflect off the metal and give it a deeper shade! They’re an important part of our  candle stands  collection. 

iTokri also brings you a variety of animal figurines with unique designs - some animals might even be playing musical instruments! 

Why iTokri? 

iTokri brings you authentic crafts in India that you might not even be aware of. These underrepresented artisans need some recognition and iTokri brings them a platform for it. We provide income and recognition to over 10,000 artisans, mostly women, and strive to reach every unrecognised tribe. 

All our products are affordable to ensure that you don’t have an excuse that handicrafts are expensive! We bring you a broad range of products ranging from  bell crafts  to  tables !  We have new products added to our lists every day so that you’re updated with the latest trends. Make your home authentically Indian with iTokri’s beautiful handicrafts. 


What is wrought iron art?

Wrought iron art refers to one of the oldest and most unique forms of handicrafts made with iron in the Bastar region. The designs are minimalist and have simple forms to decorate your home subtly. 

What does wrought mean in materials?

Wrought in materials refer to when a material is shaped or beaten out by a hammering process. Artisans wrought iron and other metals to give them a particular design and shape. 

Why do they call it wrought iron?

This art originated from one of the ironsmith tribes in the Bastar region. The iron is beaten out of shape to form beautiful artwork, it’s basically wrought. 

Where was wrought iron invented?

The wrought iron technique was invented in the Bastar region in Chhattisgarh. 

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