Applique work's unique style does magic when combined with beautiful stories and patterns. This popular applique cut work is mainly done by the skilled artisans of Barmer, Rajasthan

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Process of Applique Work

Appliqué is a sewing technique in which a patch of fabric is layered on the base fabric, then hand-sewn or sewn with a sewing machine is done, and the raw edges are turned inside out or covered with decorative stitches. Appliqués are sometimes used to decorate clothing and household linen.

Applique Work of Barmer

This famous applique cut work is done by the artisans of Barmer, Rajasthan. But Archaeologists have discovered ancient examples of appliquéd leather in Egypt (980 BCE), which have been found on carpets, wall hangings, and saddle covers in 4th century BCE tombs in Siberia and Mongolia.

Barmer Applique