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Shibori is a very well-known dyeing craft technique that involves folding, twisting, or bunching cloth and binding it, and after that dyeing it in indigo and other colors. It is practiced in Delhi, Gujarat, and Rajasthan.

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Process of Shibori

First, consider the design. The next step in the process is sewing. Then comes, tightening, which is an important part of the drawing process, takes place. After stretching, soak the cloth in a neutral soap solution for a while. After that, soak it in the bath to color it.

Shibori of Rajasthan

Mostly shibori seen today is made with indigo dye to create a dark blue color, but this was traditionally done using indigo flowers as well as purple roots and plum plants to produce various shades of blue, purple, purple, and dark red. It was apparently introduced to India in the early 20th century by Rabindranath Tagore. It is one of the items that Emperor Shomu gave to Todai-Ji Nara.