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Patchwork is a technique of stitching small pieces of shaped fabric, with patterns, colors, and textures mixed together, all together to create larger geometric designs. This is traditionally a form of sewing used to create patchwork quilts, but it is now a popular technique in clothing and interior design.

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Process of patchwork art

Patchwork is most commonly used to create patchwork quilts. When used to create a quilt, this larger patchwork or composite pattern becomes the "top" of a three-ply quilt, with the middle layer as the batting and the bottom layer as the backing. A quilt is often quilted by hand or machine to prevent the batting from moving.

Patchwork Products of Gujarat

The history of appliqué and patchwork in India can be traced back to the days when Aboriginal women in Gujarat made large canopies, tents for bullock carts, and sewn hangings. Gujarati appliqué mainly focuses on patchwork, where different patterns and colors of fabric are cut into different sizes and shapes and sewn together into composite works of art. Patchwork color palettes range from cool to warm, light to neutral.