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Leheriya is a well-known traditional style of tie-dyeing that is practiced in Rajasthan. This particular technique is inspired by the word wave because the dyeing technique is often used to produce complex wave motifs.

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Process of Leheriya

The Leheriya fabric is swirled around a wooden pole, usually, no matter if it is wet or in a semi-dry state. The thread that wraps up the fabric performs as a resist and helps in yielding a pattern of diagonal stripes after dyeing.

Leheriya of Rajasthan

During the 19th and 20th Centuries, Leheriya turbans were a crucial professional part of male business attire in Rajasthan. The famous leheriya is a zigzag pattern of irregular color stripes that is actually a visual invocation of the flow of water at the same time painstakingly showing the depths of indigo after multiple mud-resistant and dyeing processes.