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Copper and brass are similar in appearance but different in properties, but are collectively referred to as "red metal". These metals are always in high demand due to their unique advantages.

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Process of Copper & Brass Products

The process starts with purchasing the necessary small bowls, rimmed plates, large water, and milk pots, huge cooking containers and cold metal flatbreads bent to make other crafts. Heating the plate during forging and forming it into various shapes requires careful temperature control.

Copper & Brass Products of Punjab

In Europe from the 13th to the 17th centuries, monumental brass was used to honor the dead. On the surface of the tombs are installed brass plates engraved with the image of the deceased, often decorated with inscriptions, sentences, and other drawings corresponding to the person's life and circumstances. More than 4,000 of them still exist in the UK alone. On the other hand, copper is the first metal processed by mankind along with gold and meteorites. Copper is an important element of human nutrition that easily alloys with other metals.

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