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Dhokra art consists metal like brass and unique in its design. The Dhokra metal casting technique employs the Lost-wax technique that was used earlier by the Mohenjo-daro craftsmen to cast the bronze figurine of a dancing girl some 4500 years ago.

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Process of Dhokra Art Making

First of all Local clay and chaff collected from agricultural waste is mixed and shaped to form a mould in the form of the intended object. The mud is then mixed with rice chaff. This mixture is used to make the moulds. The mould is shaped by hand using the mixture made of local clay, and rice chaff.

Dhokra Art of Andhra Pradesh

Dhokra art is used for the last 4000 years and still now. One of the earliest expressions of this ancient art is the dancing girl artifact found in Mohenjo-Daro and Harappan excavations. Some Archaeologists also believe that the dancing girl is more than 4,000 years old.