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Chikankari is a popular embroidery work done with the help of a white cotton thread on fine white cotton material. It is also known as shadow work. Chikan is an extremely delicate and artfully done hand embroidery on fabrics like muslin, silk, chiffon, organza, net, etc

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Process of Chikankari

There are basically three stages that are followed in making chikankari which are block printing, embroidery work and washing. On the prior basis,, the design to be worked is printed on the plain fabric. Then the wooden block is dipped in the color solution and is printed on the fabric.

Chikankari of Lucknow

It is believed that Chikankari has been popularised in India by Nur Jehan, wife of the Mughal emperor Jahangir. Traditionally earlier, the craft work was done on white muslin cloth using white thread but Now the embroidery is done on pastel shades of muslin and cotton. It is also adorned with beads, and mirrorwork to enrich its appearance.