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Protect Your Dreams With iTokri’s  Handcrafted Dream Catchers!

Dream catchers are beautiful home decor that has a deeper significance in different cultures. It’s no secret that they are intricately woven to create the perfect web of beauty, but how does this simple, yet eye-catching design have a deeper meaning?

Dream catchers have a long history and can be traced back...

Protect Your Dreams With iTokri’s  Handcrafted Dream Catchers!

Dream catchers are beautiful home decor that has a deeper significance in different cultures. It’s no secret that they are intricately woven to create the perfect web of beauty, but how does this simple, yet eye-catching design have a deeper meaning?

Dream catchers have a long history and can be traced back to as far as 1800 when they originated from the Ojibwe culture. The Ojibwe make up the largest Indian group north of Mexico. It was later adopted around the 1960s and 1970s in the Pan-Indian Movement where it became widespread in the communities of the Native Americans.

The best way to describe a dream catcher is that it is a lovely home decor item used to trap nightmares and protect your dreams. Dream catchers were used by the Native Americans to catch the dreams of the tribe's medicine man and bring the power of his dream to the tribe. Ever since they have become a popular decoration in many cultures around the world.

People buy dream catchers for either two reasons; because they are beautiful home decor or because it is believed that they capture nightmares.

The Benefit Of Macramé Dream Catchers

Beautiful dream catchers look stunning with their intricate design and vibrant colours. Macrame dream catchers to be specific, are made by adding things on like beads, this makes the dream catchers more eye-catching. Hence, dream catcher wall-hanging benefits not only the aesthetics of your home but it can also lift your mood and brighten your day

Dream catchers can be further beautified with crystals or charms. There are various things about a dream catcher that can appeal to anyone from the colour to the detailed pattern that is woven and of course, the accessories that it comes with. These are the few dream catcher benefits that can be exactly what you need.

Buy Dreamcatcher Online In India Exclusively From iTokri

  1. Tree of Life Catcher Wall Hanging: A wall hanging full of hope, this macrame tree of life wall hanging makes any room come alive. Those who see it are instantly enraptured and applaud it. Add a touch of elegance to your living space or your dining area with this beautiful piece.
  2. Le Coeur Catcher Wall Hanging - Red: A beautiful dream catcher from the House of Macrame called "Le Coeur" is handcrafted by happy hands. The red thread in this piece symbolizes the love you carry within your heart. This dream-catcher will go down in history as a treasured family heirloom no matter if you give it to a loved one or keep it for yourself!
  3. Chakra Catcher Wall Hanging: A perfect companion to accompany your bed that will keep bad dreams away! Despite its delicate construction, this macrame handmade dream catcher wall hanging is long-lasting as well as colourful and adds creative appeal to your decor. The cotton used in the design is of high quality and is biodegradable. One of the most amazing handcrafted dream catchers online. 
  4. Sunrise Catcher Wall Hanging:  Buy dream catcher online India that is all set to not only level up the beauty of your room but also help you have a peaceful and calm sleep.  This beauty is a must-have decor item in your space. The dream catcher wall hanging benefits are they help in spreading positivity and good luck.

Why Choose iTokri?

iTokri, an Indian  handicraft store is your go-to place to not only buy dreamcatcher online in India but also  cotton maskshandcrafted productscotton dress materials, and other products.  Buy dreamcatchers online from the best handicraft store. It is also famous for providing beautiful  fabrics online. We assure to provide you with the best of everything at the lowest prices. 

FAQs on Dream Catchers online

1. What is the origin of dreamcatchers?

Dream catchers are known commonly to  have originated in the Native American community. But before they were widespread in this community, they were  used by the Ojibwes in Northern parts of Mexico. The Ojibwe were the first to invent this tradition, and then other tribes, cultures, and nations began adopting them. The Ojibwe make up a large Indian group, North of Mexico. They are a tribe that speaks Algonkian and make up the largest Indian group.

2. How does a dream catcher help in good dreams?

It is believed that dream catchers act as filters for dreams. Positive dreams are sent to the sleeper while negative ones are removed. The web of a dream catcher is tied to the hoops at eight points. They represent the eight legs of a spider.

3. Does a dream catcher have to be above your bed?

If you are someone who gets negative or scary dreams, it is best to hang them above the bed. It is believed hanging them above the bed helps in creating a barrier for negative dreams, and gives only happy positive vibes.

4. Why is it called macrame?

A: Macramé is believed to be dubbed from “migramah” an Arabic word that otherwise means “fringe”. It is a knot-tying technique used to secure the ends of woven textiles that can be traced back to the 13th century. Macrame dream catchers have a macrame centre with a rattan/wooden frame. It is woven with long tassels that are beautifully designed with beads or feathers.

5. What is the price of a macrame dreamcatcher?

A: The price of handmade dream catchers like macrame varies depending on where you go to buy it. But online, iTokri has a wide selection for you to choose from available in various colours. The prices range of these dream catchers from as low as Rs. 650. 

6. Why do people hang dreamcatchers?

A: Dream catchers are absolutely beautiful and can be used as decor in a home. But these dream catcher are more than just decorative items for your home. They are believed to protect people while they sleep, especially children, from nightmares and evil spirits. The Native Americans believe that hanging dream catchers over your beds would ward off the bad while you sleep.

7. Does it look nice to gift the dream catcher?

A: Yes, it does. Dream catcher gifts are a way of showing that you care for someone and can be the perfect gift for various occasions. They are especially nice when you get them for someone who has been having a hard time going to sleep because of their constant nightmares. But they can also be the perfect gift to add a bit of colour and even elevate your home decor.

8. What material is used for a handmade dream catcher?

A: The circular hoops of a dreamcatcher are made from sinew or willow, but wood or metal hoops can also be used. These options are cheaper and can be gotten easily at stores. The dream catcher can be woven out of materials like yarn, fabric scraps, string, ribbons, etc.

9. Is a macrame dream catcher a home decor item?

A: The macrame dream catcher benefits are the same as other dream catchers. But they can be a great home decor item as well. Their range of subtle to vibrant colours and the intricate patterns in their design make them unique and the perfect item to add a bit of beauty to your home.

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