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Enjoy The Rains With Our Cute And Quirky Designer Umbrellas 

Monsoon is always bliss for all; rainy dews are refreshing and joyful. Moreover, there's always the potential for a stunning rainbow to appear later. But who can assure you that you will always see one and that you won't have to endure the dreary rains? The simple solution is yes, a  handcrafted umbrella! 

Enjoy The Rains With Our Cute And Quirky Designer Umbrellas 

Monsoon is always bliss for all; rainy dews are refreshing and joyful. Moreover, there's always the potential for a stunning rainbow to appear later. But who can assure you that you will always see one and that you won't have to endure the dreary rains? The simple solution is yes, a  handcrafted umbrella! 

Get in the shade of the rainbow of multi-coloured handmade umbrellas!  Even on the most soaked days, this beautiful umbrella brings rainbows and a splash of colourful joy to your life. This umbrella comes in a wide variety of stunning colours that are guaranteed to attract the eye of anyone. 

It also has an automatic system that makes opening and closing simple on busy days when fumbling with a conventional umbrella is simply not the best option. And what to say when the handcraft is of Pipli applique work!

Embrace The Style With Pipli Applique Work Umbrella

Handcraft umbrella is a new GenZ trend, although it has been a classy choice for years. Whether for Snapchat stories, Instagram posts or even as decorative home items, the  Pipli applique work umbrella can be easily found at events to wedding ceremonies. 

The colourful and descriptive drawings of Pipli's work which describe the Indian heritage, are the major cause of its popularity. Not only have umbrellas,  applique dupattas,  applique sarees,  applique curtains,  clutches,  handmade shoulder bags and much more acquired the craze of Pipli applique work.

Best Features Of Pipli Applique Work Umbrella

Orissa is known to be a state of handicrafts, and iTokri has brought the umbrellas depicting the best craftsmanship of Pipli artisans. Apart from being colourful and beautiful, these hand-stitched umbrellas are composed of cotton and high-quality waterproof synthetic material, making them durable and lasting to uphold rainwater. The stitching used in the umbrellas is of the finest quality. 

These are easily washable and not fading even after years of rough use. The umbrella's vibrant patterns, which feature flying birds and flowers, give it a visually appealing appearance and ensure that it will capture the attention of everyone walking by. 

Our kids’ umbrellas are available in a number of attractive designs:

Bird design 
This Pipli applique work umbrella comes in a beautiful green colour and it has colourful birds stitched onto it. This is a great kids umbrella because it is vibrant and bright just like your child. 

Fish design 
This bright red umbrella has a gorgeous fish design stitched onto it. Your kid is going to love using and flaunting this iridescent umbrella in front of his/her friends. 

Flower design 
Flowers are just like children; dainty and pure. This green-coloured designer umbrella has floral motifs on it which are bound to turn this umbrella into your child’s favourite accessory. 

Tips To Dry An Umbrella After Use

Here are some suggestions for drying your small umbrella when you do reach your location:

Outside your home, shake your small umbrella to shake off the raindrops. This will accelerate the drying process.
Place your umbrella close to a heater or fan to help the raindrops evaporate. Remember to keep your umbrella away from the heater, so it doesn't ignite a fire.
Use a towel to brush your umbrella. This will reduce the risk of water dripping all over your home.

Summing Up

The umbrella has a long and rich history of significance and meaning, making it much more than simply a simple device that keeps us dry or shields us from the sun. The Sanskrit word for umbrella is  "chatra", which refers to it as a traditional Indian emblem of shelter and royalty. 

And iTokri has taken this definition seriously. Originating from the village of Orissa, Pipli applique work gives protection and grace to your umbrella and wardrobe.  Buy the Pipli applique work umbrella along with matching dupattas and clutches; at iTokri you will find the handicraft products you’re looking for!

If you love the Pipli applique work, you should also check out our range of  cushion covers flaunting this stunning pattern. 

Why Choose iTokri? 

iTokri is an online platform that aggregates artisans and craftsmen from pan India and provides them with a far-reaching platform to showcase and sell their creations. We pride ourselves on upholding the grace and charm of our traditional Indian handicrafts and art forms and encouraging people across the globe to incorporate an ethnic charm in their lives and homes. In addition to designer umbrellas, you can also get a variety of products like home decor items, personal care products, traditional Indian suit sets etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Pipli Applique Work?

Pipili, in the Puri district of Odisha, India, is well known for its Chandua, or applique art. In the art of applique, the coloured cloth is cut into the shapes of animals, birds, flowers, leaves, gods, goddesses, and other decorative motifs before being stitched onto a piece of fabric. 

On the one hand, hamlet demonstrates the men's and women's active participation in applique manufacturing. The majority of the residents of this town take great pride in their handiwork because it is the purest form of preserving their artistic history.

What Is The Importance Of Pipli's Art?

Pipli applique handicraft has ties to Puri's well-known Jaganatha Yathra. According to history, this vibrant applique work was created to adorn Jagannatha Ratha and the temple during rites.

Due to the lack of royal support, this applique craft began to decline after independence. But now that artists are using Pipli art to create several domestic and ornamental products like bedsheets, purses, wall hangings, pillow covers, lampshades, and tablecloths, it is again in demand. The sale of this state's handicrafts is its principal source of revenue.

Which Type Of Motif Is Used In Applique In Pipli?

The traditional applique pieces are primarily employed while the gods are carried in procession during different religious outings. During the processions, it's common to see items like umbrellas, Tarrasas (a wooden heart supported by a tall wooden pole decorated in applique fabric), and Chanduas (an umbrella-shaped canopy).

The motifs employed in contemporary Pipli applique work include stylised depictions of nature and wildlife and a few mythical beings. Elephants, parrots, peacocks, ducks, creepers, trees, lotus and jasmine flowers, half-moons, the sun, and Rahu (a mythical demon who devours the sun) are some of the more popular motifs among these.

Which State Is Famous For Pipli's Applique Work?

Orissa is quite famous for handicrafts such as paper mache, shola pith work, lacquer work, zari work, glass beads, cloth garlands, camphor garlands, jute carpets, rush mate, and sea shell works. The Pipli work emerged as the most popular handicraft due to its heritage, cultural values, and uniqueness.

Can this umbrella be used on a sunny day, in addition to being used in rain? 

Yes. This applique work umbrella is ideal for a sunny day. If you want to protect yourself or your child from the scathingly hot sun rays during summer, you can give them this bright and refreshingly designed umbrella to shield them from the heat. Needless to say, this kids’ umbrella is ideal for rainy days and its waterproof synthetic material will provide ample protection against water.

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