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Our journey for Diorama Designs began with my immense love for handmade products. Hailing from Madhya Pradesh, where the “Heart of India” lies, and the origin of the vivacious weaves like Chanderi and Maheshwari handlooms and art forms like Gond, Bhil paintings, etc. has fetched me a sense of creativity to discover exclusivity in my work. Ever since my childhood, my keen interest in handlooms led me to pursue my Bachelors in Textile Technology and later Masters in Fashion Technology from India’s prestigious Fashion Institute, “National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi.” Never-ending passion and continuous research helped me learn the important aspects of the handlooms and handicrafts industry. The handcrafted art across the Indian subcontinent penciled my imagination more towards the detailing of artifacts. I have worked very closely with artists, various craft clusters, and exhibitions on various art types, weaves, and fabrics. “Diorama Designs is an essence of this love for handmade textile tradition and India's art, which constitutes India's soul.”

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