The Meghwals indigenous community is a leading manufacturer of leatherwork in the Kutch district of Gujarat. It is one of the timeless crafts that has grown by combining traditional design techniques with modern features. Its manufacturing is a joint effort of men and women.

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Process of Kutch leather craft

The main leather craft techniques in Kachchh are Jari Kaam and Torni. In Jari Kaam, Jari silver and gold are used to create various designs and patterns on leather goods. The same work is carried over to modern products such as shoes, bags, and other accessories. In Torni's technique, raw fibers are used to create colorful patterns on various leather products.

Kutch Leather Craft of Kutch

Kutch has undergone various changes in geographical conditions since ancient times, transforming Kutch's terrain into a unique landscape. The Indus River, which is believed to have flowed out of the country from Sindh, changed its flow after the earthquake. Kutch was an important trade route between the Persian kingdom and the Indian subcontinent. Several ethnic groups such as Marwari Meghwals, Rabaris, Maldhari Muslims, and Jats settled in the country and maintained a vibrant culture. The Fakirani Muslim Jats migrated from the Halab region of Iran about 500 years ago in search of new pastures. These migrants turned to grazing cattle and camels, the main source of leather in the region.

Kutch Leather