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Ethnic Banarasi weaves are the finest example of the extremely skilled craftsmanship of Indian artisans that is rich in shades and patterns. Woven with gold/silver threads is the living incarnation of the abilities of our craftsmen, evolved, nurtured, and perfected over the Centuries.

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Process of Banarasi weaves

Varanasi sari, in particular, is one of the most beautiful saris in India and is recognized for its gold and silver brocade made up of fine silk, and luxurious embroidery. The sari is made of finely woven silk, decorated with complex designs, and is relatively heavy due to these sculptures. Sari weaving is actually achieved by using a large shuttle of wefts for the base fabric.

Banarasi weaveing of Varanasi

Many of us don't know that Banarasi Silk Sarees are originated date back to the Mughal Dynasty. The Banarasi sari is completely hand-woven by skilled Indian artisans, so it takes about 15-45 days to complete. Varanasi weavers use traditional machines and that is why the saree is heavy with rich real gold and embroidery on it. It is very difficult to carry in everyday use, so it is worn by Indian women only for special occasions such as weddings and festive ceremonies.