15 Exclusive Handmade Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Friends

15 Exclusive Handmade Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Friends

Sometimes our eyes catch the unique gifts that are very pleasing and stylish. Generally, handmade gifts attract attention to wow the recipient. Are you also looking for unique  handmade gifts for friends  but not getting the right online store? If yes then no look further. iTokri is one of the best e-commerce portals in India for enlisting  unique handmade gifts.  The speciality of handmade presents includes the personal touch and sentiments attached to them. You can not express your feelings to friends through commercial gifts made by machines. Keeping in mind the significance and value of  handmade gifts  in this world of factory-made gifts, we have brought to you this blog to find  handmade gift ideas

handmade gift

15 Unique Handmade Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Here is a list of  15 handmade gift ideas for friends  and family members. You can pick one of these to gift them on their special occasions. 

1. Handcrafted Jewellery

Are you thinking of gifting to your female friend or family member, who is always short on jewellery? Well, the handcrafted jewellery at the iTokri is the best in that case. Available in stunning designs and hues you can pick the one which goes with her favourite dress. You can check out our unique and lovely crafted collection of necklaces, stylish earrings, German silver oxidised jewellery, bangles/bracelets, anklets, nose pins, rings, etc. So, what are you waiting for? Surprise the lucky charm of your life with these  handmade gift ideas

handcrafted jewellery
2. Natural Personal Care

Gifting  unique handmade gifts  like personal care items makes the receiver feel more emotionally connected with the giver. Natural handmade personal care items like natural perfumes, towels, beauty care, and bath and spa products will allow them to rejuvenate and refresh every day. Check out the enchanting attar and natural soap bar collection at iTokri. Handcrafted with love and all the natural ingredients, these products will elevate your gift-giving experience.



3. Handwoven Sarees

No female will ever say that they have enough sarees in their wardrobe and that’s a fact! For such female in your life be it your mother, sister, wife or girlfriend check out an authentic collection of handwoven sarees at iTokri including Begumpuri Sarees, Kota Doria Sarees, Chanderi Sarees, and many more. 

handwoven sarees
4. Handmade Decor Items

Are you looking for a handmade home decor item as a gift for someone? Look no further, here on our online platform we bring beautiful decoration accessories to surprise your loved ones.  From attractive lamps & lights to sturdy wall pouch hangers, melodious bells & chimes, designer clocks, fancy vases, perfect diffusers, sleek photo frames, and other accessories. The speciality of our home decor products is that they are handmade and provide a personal touch.



5. Laptop Sleeves

Laptop Sleeves are one of the best  handmade gifts for friends  who are always involved in coding or do not go anywhere without their laptop. These sleeves are good for them to handle their laptops safely. We offer printed quilted cotton sleeves, upcycled denim patched sleeves, weave handmade sleeves, and others. 

Laptop Sleeves
6. Mobile Stand 

Nowadays mobile has become an essential item for everyone. If you are sending a mobile stand from our collections then definitely it would be a useful handmade gift for the recipient. Here, you can get Folding wooden stands and Kantha embroidered mobile stands at the iTokri portal. 

Mobile Stand
7. Handmade Mobile Pouches

Moreover, you can also send our handcrafted mobile pouches to your friends or others as a gift. These mobile pouches are very useful because they do not carry only your mobile but also other small items. We have different kinds of mobile pouches including Sanganeri printed quilted sling pouches, Kutch Neran hand-embroidered sling dori pouches, Kutch Dhebariya Qatab and more. 

Mobile Pouches
8. Embroidered Party Bags

For your party-buff friend who is always ready to join you for a party, what better gift to surprise them than a stylish party bag? iTokri offers Fabric-embellished, Kala Raksha Rabari hand-embroidered Dupion silk sling bag, Zardozi Tussar silk clutch/ sling bag, Chikankari Zari Tussar silk clutch/sling bag, and more. 

Embroidered Party Bags
9. Stitched Suits Set

iTokri has enlisted a wide range of stitched Kurtas with Palazzo & Dupatta Set and if you choose them as a gift to your friend then they will like your present definitely. You can order the stitched suit sets for your female friends from our collections of Bagru block-printed, Shibori Tye-Dye, Ajrakh block-printed, Sanganeri block-printed, Hand Batik printed and more in different colours. 

Stitched Suits Set
10. Wooden Toys For Kids   

When it’s gift giving season then how can kids be left behind? We bring you unique handmade gifts for lovely kids too. You can consider handcrafted wooden toys as a handmade gift to kids from our collection that includes bride & groom sets, birds, baby birds, handcrafted mini tea sets, ring rattles, auto rickshaws, and others. 

Wooden Toys
11. Leather Bags

At iTokri, you can search for many designs and colours in Handcrafted Leather Bags. We have several different Kalamkari block-printed handbags & sling bags, original crewel hand-embroidered leather & velvet bags, and others. 

Leather Bags
12. Dream Catcher

You can pick a dream-catcher as a gift for elevating the beauty of the receiver’s walls at home or workspace. With our handmade dream catchers, they can embellish their dining space and add an element of grace to their living area. We offer different themes of dream catcher wall hangings including tree of life, sunrise, chakra, and others.   

13. Decorative Lamps

You can choose one of the beautiful hanging lanterns as a gift to convey the spirit of traditional beauty. There is a wide range of handmade decorative hanging lanterns available at iTokri. We cater to different designed handmade lamps including Iron lamps, Electric lamps, and Moroccan lamps in both small and big sizes.



14. Handcrafted Wall Frames   

You can consider this gift option for your friend who likes to decorate walls. With us, you can find multiple theme-based handcrafted wall frames including Pichhwai tiles, Blue Daisy wall art panels, animals wall display shelves, nature creatures wall decor panels, etc. 

Handcrafted Wall Frames
15. Handmade Vases

The handcrafted vases can be the best  handmade gift ideas for friends  in their home decor. We have different handmade and fancy vases enlisted at our site. With different craftsmanship, iTokri offers original blue pottery ceramic vases, mango wooden and brass pots, handpainted earthen vases with Madhubani Tattoo art, etc.

Handmade Vases

Wrapping Up

You can choose the abovementioned gifts for your friends and family because handmade gifts impart sentimental value.  Handmade gifts  ensure a higher level of customisation. Visit iTokri to find the exclusive  handmade gift ideas.  Order your handmade gift now with us! 

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