8 Markets In Delhi To Shop Handicrafts

8 Markets In Delhi To Shop Handicrafts

Browsing at various artwork and crafts is the quickest and most effective approach to learning more about a specific group among India's varied population. Through the use of the handicrafts of Indian handloom bazaar, one may not only gain a new viewpoint but also understand the folklore and tradition of those areas through these works of art that took a lot of backbreaking labour, patience, and care to create.

A city where you may discover handicrafts from all throughout India is Delhi. Regardless of where they are made, India's finest handicrafts end up in New Delhi, the nation's capital. events and melas held across the year are part of delhi handicraft market, there is plenty of art shops in Delhi. Every genuine, reasonably priced, year-round handicraft market in Delhi that doesn't burn a hole in your wallet has been featured.

Are you wondering where to buy Indian handicrafts in Delhi? You have come to the right place. There are several handicraft shops in Delhi that will lead you into the fun world of the handicraft market. Below is a list of a few markets in Delhi to shop for handicrafts:

  1. Dilli Haat: You may experience India's rich culture, history, and crafts all in one location at Dilli Haat it is an art market in Delhi Unique wood and teak handicrafts, metal crafts, diamonds, handcrafted jewellery, ethnic apparel, clothing made from camel leather, and many other items are available here. There will always be something fresh at the Haat since different vendors put up the booths on a rotating basis!
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  1. Lepakshi Andhra Pradesh Emporium: Lepakshi is an art and craft market in Delhi, a famous tourist destination, provides an amazing variety of traditional handicrafts and creative works, each of which is distinctive in terms of design, idea, and presentation. Their specialities encompass, among other things, kalamkari, clay ceramics, leather arts, and Eluru rugs. One may see the beauty of the Andhra Pradesh artisans and craftsmen in this art and craft of Delhi. So come on in and start shopping!

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  3. Rajiv Gandhi Handicrafts Bhawan, Connaught Place: With respect to the wooden handicraft market in Delhi and fabrics, Rajiv Gandhi Handicrafts Bhawan, near the Kharag Singh Marg off Connaught Place, is the fabled "Alibaba's cave of treasures."There are also a few reputable individual handcrafting and weaving shops. Rajiv Chowk Metro Station serves this area and offers parking options. This handicraft market in Delhi is across from Connaught Place's well-known Hanuman Mandir.

4. Khadi, Connaught Place: Another place for famous handicrafts in Delhi is Khadi. India has a concept known as khadi that emphasises independence. Although hand-spun yarn and hand-woven clothing were the initial uses of the term, Khadi today refers to a wide range of handcrafted goods. The multi-story Khadi Indian shop in the Royal Tower in Connaught Place is a veritable gold mine of handicraft goods. In addition, they provide spices, sauces, honey, and locally manufactured toiletries. The Rajiv Chowk Metro Station is close by. They lack a designated parking area. Fabrics, saris, clothing—including jackets, kurtas, and pyjamas, rugs, furniture, spices, sauces, pickles, sweets, and organic products, as well as mats and rugs, can be found here.

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    5. Janpath Market: There are several businesses selling handicrafts from various places across India at this handicraft in Delhi place. Brassware, wooden figures, semi-precious jewellery, tapestries with unique decorations, handcrafted decorative items, and home accessories are just a few of the goods you can get here at reasonable prices. In this neighbourhood, there are several different food and snack stands. They serve everything from burgers to parathas, smoothies to tea. Due to the same purpose, this market is among Delhi's busiest ones!

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    6. Amrita carpets and rugs: In addition to various other items, you can discover handmade pure silk mats here, as well as modern and trendy rugs, floor mats, woollen durries, conventional handicrafts, old Persian artistic rugs, and beautiful Imperial carpets. You must certainly have a look at their unique image rugs, which will give your room a quirky touch.

    7. Nature Bazaar, Kisaan Haat, Chhatarpur: A stunning architectural masterpiece is Kisaan Haat, which is close to Chhatarpur Metro Station. It was intended to be an agricultural marketplace where producers could deal directly with consumers to sell their goods. This endeavour did not turn out well. Following that, the handicrafts group Dastkar gained control of the location and turned it into a handicrafts market called Nature Bazar. Few permanent booths are present. The majority of stalls at a variety of shows are occupied by diverse craftsmen from various regions of India. There is some parking space.

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    8. Indian Handicrafts Emporium: This distinguished store is loaded with handicrafts from all around India, including ceramics, cane/bamboo, granite, metal, glassware, and wood products. Textiles, clothes, precious gemstones of lacquer by indigenous artists and gift goods are all available. Come here to experience India's rich handloom tradition once more and locate the greatest Indian crafts in Delhi!

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    Apart from this, there are several other handicraft markets in Delhi that you can explore to get some amazing art and handicraft pieces for yourself or others as well. You can also shop for some great gifting options no matter what the occasion or the person is. Get the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Some other places include Bharati Delhi Emporium, Tibetan Market, Poompuhar Tamil Nadu Emporium, Tripura Handloom & Handicraft Development Corporation, etc. Experience more fun and exciting times at all of these places. 

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