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Kharad weaving

Kharad Weaving is a well-known old-age craft practiced by the nomadic communities of kutch wherein artisans use wollen yarns made from goats, sheep and camels' hair. The designs of these weaves vary from geometric patterns to the everyday life of the communities, their culture, rituals and traditions.

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Process of Weaving Kharad

Originally, Kharad weaving handicrafts were made from goat and camel wool. All pastoral communities have camels and goats. Later, this was given to the hand spinners who specialize in making wool from goat and camel hair. And then, this wool was used by Kharad craftsmen.

Kharad weaving of Kachchh

Earlier, the kings and ministers were fond of Kharad because of their very unique look, strength, and durability. Amazingly, a hand-spun wool kharad easily lasts up to 100 years. But now only 18 families from Kutch still practice it. The reason is many of the local linkages have completely broken and local communities no longer buy kharad products.

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