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Take a look at iTokri's Bagh block print textiles presented to you in collaboration with Umar Faruk Khatri. His authenticity in Bagh Prints can never disappoint you. These Fabrics are dyed naturally on the banks of the Indus River flowing through the Bagh village in Madhya Pradesh. The royalty and sufiness of the Bagh Printing have mesmerized everyone over years. You can shop for Umar Faruk Khatri's timeless collections of bagh prints with unique original hand block printing that leaves a wonderful texture. Taking forward the legacy of his renowned father Ismail Sulemanji khatri who was the 'Qaleen' master of his time, Umar Farukh has always surprised craft lovers with his masterpieces. Creating authentic & reasonably priced hand block prints has always been a specialty of Umar Faruk Khatri.

Umar Faruk Khatri