Narayanpet cotton sari is made in Telangana in the city of Narayanpet. This sari has a pronounced influence in the Andhra and Maharashtra regions. In early times, the Narayanphet sari was offered to the gods of Maharashtra or worn by royalty.

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Process of Narayanpet weaves

The process of making Narayanpet sari begins with thread dyeing, after which the thread is placed on a loom to weave the sari. Narayanpet saris are either plain or checkered and are made from pure 80s cotton sourced from the Vijaywada region.

Narayanpet weaving of Telangana

Narayanpet's handcrafted saris are traditionally woven using the interlaced weft technique. Narayanpet handloom saris are quite popular due to their affordability and durability and robustness. The fusion of Telangan and Maratha styles is evident in the saris of the region, demonstrating how the combination of different cultures brings diversity and aesthetic appeal. The demand for hand saris in Narayanpet is huge, and with the exception of major cities, several villages in the region have hundreds of weaver families who depend on this tradition for their livelihood.

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