Women's Day Gifts: 5 Handmade Gifts to Show Your Respect Towards Women's Day

Women's Day Gifts: 5 Handmade Gifts to Show Your Respect Towards Women's Day

 This Women’s Day, “karo nari shakti ko salaam,"  and what better way to honour the women in your life than with handmade gifts crafted with care and love? It's time to show how much we appreciate womanhood. Each women in our life contributes a lot to make our everyday life easier, and in return, they deserve to feel loved and respected. This is a day for big smiles, warm hearts, and a thoughtful women’s day gift. So, let's get started with our Women's Day gift ideas, where you'll discover plenty of selections to help you choose for the women in your life depending on their preferences.  

But yeah, before moving ahead, iTokri bhi kehna chahta hai, happy Women's Day to the extraordinary women who touch our lives in profound ways, and yes, tum hi ho asali rockstar.



5 Handmade Women’s Day Gift Ideas Based on Interest

Whether she's into art, wellness, fashion, or more, we have many heartfelt Women’s Day gift options waiting for her. Are you ready to make her day extra special? Explore the ideas below to find the ideal gifts for Women's Day to celebrate women in your life. 

1. Women's Day Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Just simply gifting a book is not going to be enough this year. To make Women's Day gift ideas more unique and remarkable, you must add something. Try to discover personalized handmade bookmarks with their names, as well as handmade candles inspired by books, to create a nice reading environment. Other than that, these custom bookplates add flair to their collection and can make a wonderful gift for Women's Day this year. These Women’s Day gifts express gratitude for their love of literature on not just Women's Day but every day. 

handmade bookmarks

2. Women's Day Gift Options for Fashion Lovers

We must have seen reels on Instagram where women are showcasing the ancient Indian vibe in a very beautiful way by wearing some Indian handcrafted sarees. And yes, our next Women's Day gift idea represents that trendy fashion among women. iTokri presents a variety of handloom cotton sarees that really should be part of every Indian woman's wardrobe. Not just a saree, even you can go for embroidery dupattas, handcrafted jhumkas to complete the look, cotton dresses, and printed long skirts for women who find themselves comfortable in Western wear but love to add some Indian touch to their attire.



3. Gift Ideas for Women Who Love to Cook

For women who enjoy cooking, you can give them special gifts to make their kitchen time even more fun. You could get them a pretty handcrafted apron with their name on it or some colourful wooden handcrafted utensils to use. If they like fresh flavours, a small herb garden kit could be perfect. And how about handmade paper diaries, where they can write down their favourite recipes? Another women’s day gift idea is to give them some fancy ingredients or a cooking class to try something new. These gifts show you appreciate their love for cooking and want to make it even more enjoyable for them.

handmade paper diaries

4. Gift Ideas for Professionally Oriented Women’s

For every professionally oriented, hardworking woman out there, handmade gifts for Women’s Day can make work more special and easy. You can go for a pretty handcrafted bag for carrying work stuff, or personalized desk things, like a nameplate or pen holder, can add a personal touch to their workspace. A good planner or notebook can help them stay organised. If they use a computer a lot, a handmade laptop cover or a nice mouse pad can be cool Women's Day corporate gift ideas. You can also make a unique bookmark for their favourite work-related book. These handmade gifts for Women’s Day show you care about their work and want to make it a bit more enjoyable for them. If you own a business, you should consider these Women’s Day gift ideas for employees, especially women.



5. Women’s Day Gift Options For Art And Craft Lovers

For the art and craft enthusiasts on Women's Day, consider delightful women’s day gift options that fuel their creativity. A personalised DIY craft kit offers a hands-on artistic experience, while customised art supplies, like uniquely engraved brushes, add a personal touch to their creations. A beautifully crafted sketchbook or journal becomes a canvas for their thoughts and ideas. Or gift the opportunity to attend an art class or workshop to explore new techniques. You can even go for some handmade artistic home decor items and personalised art prints to bring a touch of creativity to any living space. These thoughtful small gift ideas for Women’s Day cater to their love for art, celebrating the unique and imaginative spirit of the women who bring beauty to the world through their craft.

DIY craft kit



In celebration of International Women's Day, iTokri extends a heartfelt salute to the strength, resilience, and achievements of women worldwide. Our Women's Day gift ideas focus on expressing gratitude and admiration through handmade treasures. From handcrafted paper diaries to handcrafted sarees and fashion accessories and thoughtful gifts for cooks and professionals, each item is a testament to the uniqueness and creativity of women. As we honour the spirit of womanhood, iTokri invites you to explore our curated Women's Day collection and make this day extra special for the remarkable women in your life.

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