Back to Roots: 7 Traditional Floor Mats for Your Home

Back to Roots: 7 Traditional Floor Mats for Your Home

Indian floor mats are fondly known as Chatai. They go by various other names across different states, but Chatai is the most used term of them all. Traditional floor mats are a great way to add an ethnic appeal to your home by giving it a quaint and beautiful look. By choosing eco-friendly floor mats, you will be able to elevate the aesthetics of your space in a sustainable manner. 

Importance Of Using Natural Fibre Floor Mats 

A number of benefits can be attributed to the use of floor mats made from sustainable materials and therefore they are an ideal choice for your home. Indian floor mats are eco-friendly, durable, low maintenance and completely non-toxic as they are bereft of volatile organic compounds. 

History Of Traditional Floor Mats

The earliest known account of sitting mats for Pooja and other traditional floor mats can be found in various verses of Indian literature where grass and straw mats were used for seating and worshipping.

There are many varieties of regional Indian floor mats depending on the material that is abundantly found in the respective region.

  • Coir Mats

These mats are very famous in Kerala as coir is derived from coconut husk. They are very sturdy and offer multifaceted uses to the homeowner. 

  • Jute Mats 

Jute mats are typically made in the tropical areas of North-East India but they are manufactured in various other regions of our country as well. The natural and earthy tones of jute mats make them an excellent addition to the interiors of your home. 

  • Dhurries 

Dhurries can be made from cotton or wool. These Indian floor mats are made in Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan etc. Each state has its own unique style of making dhurries.

7 Traditional Floor Mats For Your Home

If you are looking for grass mats for the floor or any other type of traditional floor mats, you can check out the following options available on iTokri. 

#1 Cushioned Madur Grass 2 Fold Floor Mat of Midnapore

This two-fold traditional mat or Madur is made from Madurkathi grass and cotton yarn. This grass mat for floor has cushioned backside and the gorgeous colours will make this a welcoming addition to your home. Add this natural fibre floor mat for sustainable living.

#2 Warangal Weave Kalamkari Block Printing Cotton Mat

This cotton mat exhibits a fabulous Kalamkari block print pattern and it will enhance the ethnic appeal of a given space in no time. The elegance and appeal of this floor mat are bound to impress your guests. These can also be used as sitting mats for puja in the puja room.

#3 Panja Weave Handwoven Cotton Dhurrie / Carpet

The special Panja weave of this dhurrie makes this Indian floor mat stand out. The bright colour and soothing pattern of this traditional floor mat will make a notable presence in your home. 

#4 Original Chain Stitch Mulberry Silk Thread Hand Embroidery Rug / Carpet

This hand embroidered carpet is made from mulberry silk. The timeless appeal of Kashmiri embroidery gives this carpet an uber regal look. You can place it in your living room or entryway to perk up the look of that space. 

#5 Original Chain Stitch Crewel Wool Thread Hand Embroidery Rug / Carpet

This is one of the best handwoven floor mats. It is made of wool and the gorgeous design is simply breathtaking. This rug is ideal for adding a splash of colour and vibrancy to your space. 

#6 Hand Felted Pure Wool Namda Floor Mat

This wool mat is made by felting the wool instead of weaving it.  It has a narrow length and unique design. This hand-woven Namda floor mat originates from Kashmir and it is widely used in home decor across the country. 

#7 Applique Quilted Reversible Multipurpose Mat 

The colourful applique work on this reversible quilted cotton mat is super soft on the skin and it can easily be used as a playmat for babies. The contemporary design and vivid patterns will captivate your baby’s attention and make them want to play on this again and again. Furthermore, it can also be used as a home decor item to accentuate the look of your floor. 


Traditional Indian floor mats beautifully personality our rich Indian culture and heritage. Each form of these handwoven floor mats personifies its uniqueness in the form of design or material. From being used in entryways, lounges, lobbies, dining rooms etc. These are also widely used as sitting mats for pooja and other religious purposes. If you have an affinity for everything that is traditional, ethnic and super charming, you must try out traditional floor mats for your interior decor.  


What is the best natural material for floor mats?
Cotton, Jute, Coir etc., are some of the best materials for floor mats. In India, a number of natural fibres are used for making floor mats and you can take a pick as per your liking and discretion.

How long do floor mats last?
Natural fibre floor lasts are very durable and long-lasting. Having said that, the manner in which they are maintained and used has a significant impact on their longevity.

What is the purpose of floor mats?
Floor mats can be used for a number of purposes such as aesthetics, as a seating arrangement for pooja, as floor protectors etc. Floor mats play a significant role in emanating cosy and comfy vibes in a given space.

How do you take care of mats?
Regular cleaning and vacuuming are very important to take care of floor mats. You should also immediately clean any stains or spillage with a mild cleaning solution. It is advisable to get your floor mats dry cleaned from time to time for proper care.

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