Build A Mindful Home: 6 Sustainable Materials for Home Decor

Build A Mindful Home: 6 Sustainable Materials for Home Decor

Sustainable home decor can be defined as the use of sustainable accessories and furniture for elevating the look of your space. The idea behind this kind of home decor is to create a cosy and captivating look of your home in a responsible and sustainable manner. The idea of eco-friendly home decor is hinged to a number of factors and we will be talking about one of the major factors as you read along this blog. 

6 Sustainable Materials For Home Decor

The choice of sustainable and natural fibre for home decor is one of the leading ways to incorporate sustainability in your home aesthetics. Let us look at some of the sustainable materials for home decor. 

#1 Water Hyacinth 

This aquatic plant makes a bold and striking appearance owing to its vibrant flowers and mattress-like dense growth. The stem of this plant is dried in the sun and is used for weaving different products. Water Hyacinth craft from Assam has gained immense popularity in recent times. From table mats to coaster sets, laundry baskets and trays you can find a variety of these natural fibre home decor items on iTokri. 

#2 Bamboo 

Bamboo is a natural material that can be used for furniture, and home decor items like lamp shades, candle stands etc. It is an easy choice of material for putting together eco-friendly home decor. Instead of using plastic straws at home, you can use bamboo straws for a sustainable way of living.

#3 Jute 

Jute is a very versatile and sustainable material that can be used for making sustainable home decor products. Jute lamp shades, jute rugs and mats, and jute hanging planters are the perfect examples of mindful home decor that isn't just aesthetically pleasing but will also play an active role in reducing your carbon footprint. 

#4 Sabai grass 

This natural grass is grown in the rich fertile soil of West Bengal and Orissa. Dried Sabai grass weaving makes durable and beautiful home decor products. These can be dyed in attractive colours and hence it is a great choice of material for making home decor accents. From wall decor baskets to fruit trays and roti boxes you can find a plethora of these eco-friendly home decor products on our site brought directly from the artisans. 

#5 Cotton

Cotton is a natural material that's sustainable and bio-degradable. Macarame home decor items made from cotton are your perfect choices for a sustainable living. From macrame teepee tent to dream catchers and wall hangings you can add a variety of sustainable home decor items made from cotton. 

#6 Terracotta 

Terracotta is a type of clay that is made without the infusion of any chemicals or other intrusive products. Add home decor products like Terracotta Bird Feeders of teracotta wall hangings and figurines in your home decor. These sustainable accessories can be used for decking up your balconies, or indoor spaces. 

FAQs on Sustainable Materials for Home Decor

What factors do you need to consider when choosing sustainable materials?
When we talk about sustainable home decor, we have to check the origin and nature of the materials that are being used for making furniture and accents. Furthermore, it is imperative to check if the products can be recycled in order to minimise waste. 

What sustainable materials can be used for home decor?
You can use a variety of sustainable home decor materials such as jute, bamboo, Sabai grass, macrame, terracotta etc. You can browse through itokri to check out some of the best sustainable accessories made from these materials. 

Do sustainable materials last long?
Yes, sustainable materials can last long and are more durable than synthetic materials. Furthermore, the design, production and upkeep of sustainable accessories will also have an impact on the life of eco-friendly home decor products. 

What do you mean by eco-friendly home decor?
Eco-friendly or sustainable home decor refers to the use of natural fibres when it comes to the choice of home accessories, tapestry, furniture and various other products.

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