Maha Shivratri: Understanding the Spiritual Essence

Maha Shivratri: Understanding the Spiritual Essence

Kaal Bhi Tum, Mahakaal Bhi Tum 

Lok Bhi Tum, Trilok Bhi Tum 

Shiv Bhi Tum, Satya Bhi Tum

Maha Shivratri marks one of the most important days in the Hindu calendar where devotion meets divine grace. It is one of the most auspicious celebrations of Lord Shiva which typically occurs in February or March, that is, on the 13th or the 14th night of the Hindu calendar lunar month “Phalguna”. This year Maha Shivratri will be celebrated on 8th March 2024. 

If you too are looking forward to celebrating Maha Shivratri 2024 this year, toh aaiye iTokri ke sath is utsav ko aur anandmayi banayein. From the interesting story behind Maha Shivratri celebration to its importance, rituals, and pujan samagri, we have covered everything in this blog to make this Maha Shivratri celebration special for you. 

Picture Credit:- Anytime Astro
Picture Credit:- Anytime Astro

Story Behind Maha Shivratri

As per Hindu Mythology, there are 3 main stories linked to the celebration of Maha Shivratri. 

  • Lord Shiva’s Marriage With Goddess Parvati

As per legends, the Maha Shivratri marks an occasion when Lord Shiva married Goddess Parvati. The marriage of two Gods took place a day before Amavasya i.e. on Maha Shivratri. 

  • Shiva’s Tandav Nritya

The Tandava Nritya, or the dance of primordial creation, preservation, and destruction, is said to have been performed by Shiva for the first time on Maha Shivaratri, according to folklore. Lord Shiva prevented the end of the world with this act of devotional dance.

  • When Lord Shiva Drank Poison

Legend says that Lord Shiva once saved the world by drinking the poison that was churned during the time of Samudra Manthan; the story where Devas and Asuras churned the cosmic ocean in search of Amrit, the elixir-nectar of immortality. Lord Shiva consumed the poison released from Samudra Manthan to save the world from destruction, coloring his throat blue, which ultimately gave him the name of Neelkanth.

Picture Credit:- India News Rajasthan
Picture Credit:- India News Rajasthan

Importance of Maha Shivratri 

Maha Shivratri embodies the power of cosmic forces and the strength of Shiva. The importance of Maha Shivratri in Hinduism is of great significance. The festivities of Shivrarti teaches us a lot of important lessons and wisdom that come from the triumph of good over evil, the circle of life; creation, preservation, and destruction, and at the end, the divinity of love. People all around celebrate Maha Shivratri to seek heavenly blessing and direction on their spiritual journey towards finding inner peace from Lord Shiva.

Rituals of Maha Shivratri 

There are a lot of rituals that are performed during Maha Shivratri that define the meaning of devotion. 

Among other rituals, fasting all day long to please the Lord Shiva and shower blessings is the most common one. 

On the occasion of Maha Shivratri, devotees also do ritualistic bathing of the Shiva Lingam with milk, yoghurt, honey, ghee, and holy water, known as the "Abhishek," and is the focal point of the Maha Shivratri puja. This bath symbolises purity and heavenly favour. Each offering is richly symbolic, calling forth the holy qualities of Lord Shiva as well as his blessings for personal development and fulfilment.

Many special Pujas and ceremonies are held throughout all homes and temples at night which include a lot of ceremonies, cultural performances, and much more that fill the atmosphere with devotion and joy, truly explaining; why we celebrate Maha Shivratri.

If you are observing Maha Shivratri fast and celebrations at your place this year, iTokri laya hai aapke liye pujan samagri and other Shivratri essentials to make this celebration one-of-a-kind. Aaiye banaye har tyohar yaadgaar, iTokri ke sath!

Picture Credit:- India News
Picture Credit:- India News

Samagri Used in Maha Shivratri 

To celebrate Maha Shivratri puja at place or at temple near, right set of Pujan Samagri is necessary. Here is a list of items that you can keep handy to not miss any important thing during the celebration.

  • Incense Sticks 
  • Ghee and Ghee Pot
  • Pooja Thali - You can check out a range of beautiful pooja thali’s from iTokri. From beautiful copper leaf tray to Premium Pure Brass Traditional Pooja Thali Set, we have a great collection for you to explore. 
  • Dhoop Dani and Dhoop
  • Cotton Wicks - Get your hands on stunning handpainted diyas that come with cotton wicks from iTokri.
  • Itra or Attar
  • Pooja Basket to keep all things handy. 

Apart from the list above, also keep honey, milk, yoghurt, water, gangajal, bel patra, kumkum, janeu, sandalwood paste, datura, bhasma, akshat, fruits and flowers in your pooja basket and pray to Lord Shiva to shower blessings on you.



Shivratri Essentials Available at iTokri

iTokri ke sath ho jaiye Shiv Bhakti m leen is Maha Shivratri.

We want your Maha Shivratri 2024 to be as grand and as enlightening as possible. At iTokri we are here with special handcrafted products to make your Maha Shivratri more spiritual and joyful. In search of incense sticks that have a captivating fragrance and last long, we bring you a range of handcrafted Sri Aurobindo Ashram Natural incense sticks. Where are you going to put these incense sticks? Do not worry, we have got you covered for that too with our handmade and hand-carved incense stick holder made from teak. 

Bring home our Brass Metal Handcrafted Lord Shiva Family featuring Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Parvati is all your need to start your Pooja with. 

To perform the Shiva’s abhishek at home, buy our Brass Metal Handcrafted Shivling that has a dazzling finish of antique work. Also, check out our handpainted Kalash that will add to the beauty of your pooja room. 

Decorate your Mandir area with Elegant Peacock hand-etched decorative hanging bell in brass, this will elevate the charm of your rituals and pooja space.

These are just a few, but if you want to check out whole Maha Shivratri edition, then visit here.

On this festival, the significance of gifting to your dear ones is equal important. Gifting on Maha Shivratri is way of sending your blessing to your loved ones. If you are thinking about what to gift this festive season, then check out our Sri Aurobindo Ashram gifting collection. From Areca Leaf Gift Basket set to Corrugated Box Gift Set featuring incense cones and wax diyas, we have everything you need to make your special one’s Maha Shivratri festival memorable.




With its rich spiritual significance and rituals, Maha Shivratri is a beacon of divine connection and transformation. It serves as a reminder of the everlasting cosmic dance, the circle of life, and the timeless wisdom contained in Lord Shiva's own being. 

With our handmade products make this festival special for your and your dear ones and gear up for this Shivratri, as jhoom jao shiv ke raas mein, kyunki, “Rakh Vishwas Tu Hai Shiv Ka Daas”.

Maha Shivratri ki Hardik Shubhkaamnayein iTokri ki aur se!

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