Lohri Beats: 30+ Lohri Songs that Capture the Spirit of the Festival

Lohri Beats: 30+ Lohri Songs that Capture the Spirit of the Festival

Celebrated on 13th January, right before Makar Sankranti, Lohri is a joyous festival popular in Northern India. It’s the day that marks the onset of longer days and winter finally bids goodbye to India. The day is celebrated with bonfires, delicious feasts, and, of course, lively, and soul-soothing energetic dance performances like Bhangra and Giddha. Both men and women perform to the rhythmic beats of traditional Punjabi folk music and classic  Lohri songs  to celebrate the day to the fullest. So let’s explore a curated list of  Punjabi Lohri songs  that promise to keep the festive spirit alive.

Picture Credit:- IndiaTvNews
Picture Credit:- IndiaTVNews

Non-stop Dancing Numbers for Lohri Celebration

Lohri parties are incomplete without the infectious energy of dance, especially the iconic Bhangra and Giddha performances. Set the tone for the night by playing soulful and foot-tapping Lohri celebration songs as mentioned below. There’s no song like the list below that brings alive the dance floor. So let’s look at a list of Lohri songs divided into three categories as per the mood and the genre of the song: 

Traditional Punjabi Folk Music for Lohri Festival

At the heart of Lohri sits soul-stirring folk music that has been a part of classic Punjabi culture and tradition for generations. So it’s not an overstatement that the Lohri celebration feels incomplete without Punjabi folk songs like: 

  • Ni Main Samajh Gayi
  • Tode Upper Toda
  • Sanu De Lohri
  • Massan Leya
  • Til Cholliye Ni
  • Sunder Mundriye Ho
  •  Tappe
  • Til Cholliye Ni
  • Paa De Lohri
  • Balle Balle
Picture Credit:- Tiems Of India
Picture Credit:- Times Of India

Lohri Songs for Traditional Folk Dance Bhangra and Giddha

When the sun sets and the bonfire is lit, it’s time to run a music marathon using Bhangra songs and giddha songs. Choose songs that will have everyone on their feet, and the celebration will be livelier. Here’s a list of Lohri songs to ensure that the Bhangra and Giddha performances are nothing short of spectacular:

  • Patiala Peg
  • Lohri
  • Nachen Maarke Addi 
  • Aaj Bhangra Paun Nu Jee Karda 
  • Gidha Lohri Da
  • Barin Barsin
  • Punjabi Munde Paun Bhangra
  • Happy Lohri
  • Lohri Yaaran Di
  • Laung Laachi
  • Dhol Jageero Da
  • Tutak Tutak Tutiya
  • Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha
  • Tunak Tunak Tun
  • Parande
  • Sanu De Lohri
Picture Credit:- NEWS9LIVE
Picture Credit:- News9Live

Punjabi Lohri Songs From Bollywood Movies

Bollywood loves celebrations. This movie and music industry has contributed immensely to the Lohri song repertoire. The Lohri celebration songs of Bollywood offer us the opportunity to make the most of this celebration with timeless tunes that stay true to the festive atmosphere. The best examples of Bollywood Lohri songs are:

  • Lo Aa Gayi Lohri Ve
  • Sauda Khara Khara
  • Oh Ho Ho Ho 
  • Bari Barsi Boliyan
  • Bhangra Ta Sajda
  • Morni Banke
  • Boliyan – Gidha 1
  • Mundiyan
  • Gallan Goodiyaan
  • Charha De Rang
  • Aaj Bhangra Paun Nu Jee Karda 
  • Beli Apne Di Lodi
  • Aaja Nachle 
  • Challa
Picture Credit:- ANI News
Picture Credit:- ANI News

As the bonfires blaze and the beats of Lohri songs echo through the air, you cannot deny the fact that music plays a vital role in setting the celebratory atmosphere. From music and food to clothes, everything reflects the timeless, joyful, happy essence of Lohri. Add Lohri gifts with these and the joy knows no bounds. Exchanging gifts during Lohri to share the joy with your loved ones is the next best thing of the celebration after dancing.



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So, turn up the volume, let the Lohri beats resonate, and dance the night away with these handpicked songs that encapsulate the true essence of this vibrant festival. Wishing you a Lohri filled with laughter, joy, and unforgettable moments!

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