How To Accessorise Your Festive Wear

How To Accessorise Your Festive Wear

The festive season is here and we all have fantasies of flaunting amazing traditional and festive wear that is eye-catching and perfect in every way. You may pick out the very best ethnic wear for yourself for all special occasions, but any outfit is incomplete without the right accessories. You need to add some zest to your desi traditionals with a stunning jhumka, or colourful jutti! Just follow some of our amazing jewellery fashion tips and see your outfit get transformed into something more elegant and graceful. Be it a saree, a salwar suit or even a simple kurta, you can learn how to accessorise your wardrobe fits for an unforgettable look.


What Are Accessories?

Accessories include all those parts of your outfit apart from your clothes. These include jewellery like earrings, necklaces, bangles, footwear, hair accessories, bags and much more. The accessory tips are never-ending, but we have some of the best ones in store for you that will surely make your outfit look beautiful. Accessories are actually the most important part of any outfit because they can make or break your entire look! Wearing the wrong pair of earrings can also reduce the charm of any outfit or make it look dull. So let us know some tips on saree styling with jewellery and other accessories. 

Different Types Of Accessories For Women 

With the variety of women’s clothing coming into the trends, there is a wide range of accessories that have become popular. Some oldies have been revived, while new types of accessories are still playing catch up. Based on the festive occasion and traditional Indian wear outfits, here are the various types of accessories that women can style their outfits with.

  • Jewellery: This is the pinnacle of women’s fashion accessories and the list of jewellery items to pair with Indian ethnic dresses can go on and on! Moreover, there are so many different types of jewellery that you can style, including earrings and jhumkas, beautiful pendants and chokers, nosepins, statement or oxidised jewellery, anklets, traditional armbands and so many more!
  • Bags: Women can swear by their bags, because they can’t go anywhere without it! It stores their dearest essentials, so why not carry them in style with your ethnic dress? You can opt for classic leather bags, or handmade fabric bags that look amazing with sarees and dresses.
  • Hair Accessories: A hairband, hair pin, saree pin, maang tikka, jooda pin, jooda accessories, floral bands for the bun and many more hair accessories are available to make your hairdo look as elegant and attractive as ever.
  • Sunglasses: Add some style and glamour to your outfit with classic sunglasses during the day.
  • Belts: Belts look surprisingly good paired with certain designer sarees and Indo-western outfits for festive occasions to enhance your outfit.
  • Watch: Many women prefer a smart accessory such as a watch over bangles as it makes them look classic and helps them keep track of time as well.

How To Accessorise Your Festive Wear 

With the accessories above, you can make your ethnic outfits more vibrant, elegant and rich. Make sure you follow these jewellery styling tips and get your desi OOTD on point!

  • Saree: If you want to make the best out of your traditional silk or cotton or georgette saree, you can pair some wonderful accessories with it. Precious silver necklaces and earrings can complete your look if you are wearing it for an evening occasion. Patwa necklaces also look gorgeous on any colourful saree when paired with beautiful hand made beadwork or Dokra craft earrings, which are recommended in all earrings styling tips for saree. Enamelled Meenakari earrings also look fab if you are looking for some bold and beautiful jewellery with saree matching. Other accessories that go well with a saree is a handmade saree pin, Kamkari hand-painted bangles, traditional nose pins and handcrafted leather slippers.
  • Traditional dresses: With classic ethnic dresses like salwar-kameez or kurta and palazzos, you can pair the kind of jewellery that goes with the designs of your kurta. For example, if you choose a sophisticated and minimal cotton linen kurta, add a German silver necklace to make it stand out. Go for colourful handcrafted juttis or mojiris as your choice of footwear and pair other accessories like authentic necklace sets, handmade rings, toe rings, juda pins and accessory bags. The wide variety of accessories can sometimes get confusing, but if you know what to wear and with our tips of how to accessorise desi outfits, you will surely rock the occasion.


We hope you loved our saree styling with jewellery tips and understood the wide range of accessories you have to choose from! However, accessorising can sometimes mean that more is less, and even a single piece of jewellery or bag can carry your whole outfit. So it is important to remember to choose the right accessories and not to overdo it with too many. You can check out iTokri’s range of accessories including jewellery, bags, hair accessories and more.


  • How do you properly accessorise?

You can accessorize properly by first understanding your outfit and its colours, and then deciding what looks best with it.

  • How do you accessorize ethnic wear?

Usually, for special occasions, we can go with heavy accessories, especially sarees, but you need to pick the accessories carefully as per your outfit.

  • What accessories make you look attractive?

Earrings can shape your face well and highlight your best features. Necklaces work to highlight your neck, which is considered a beauty feature. Similarly, other accessories draw attention to themselves and make you look more elegant.

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