Father's Day Gifts: Indian Handcrafted Shirts Edition

Father's Day Gifts: Indian Handcrafted Shirts Edition

Father's Day is a special occasion to celebrate the incredible men in our lives who have guided, supported, and inspired us. This year, why not make it extra special by gifting your dad something unique and meaningful? 

At iTokri, we offer a stunning collection of stitched men's shirts that embody the rich cultural heritage of India. From Ikat to Kalamkari, our shirts are perfect for the dad who appreciates fine craftsmanship and timeless style. 

Let’s explore some of the best options to make this Father's Day unforgettable.

Ikat Shirts: A Weave of Tradition and Style


Ikat, known for its intricate dyeing technique, results in stunning patterns that are both vibrant and subtle. Our Ikat shirts are crafted with precision, making each piece a wearable work of art. These shirts are perfect for the dad who loves traditional designs with a contemporary twist. The lightweight fabric ensures comfort, making it ideal for the summer months.

Why choose Ikat for Father’s Day?

  • Unique, handcrafted patterns
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • A perfect blend of traditional and modern style


    Shibori Shirts: The Art of Japanese Dyeing


    Shibori is a Japanese tie-dye technique that creates beautiful, abstract patterns. Our Shibori shirts are handcrafted by skilled artisans who have mastered this ancient art form. The result is a collection of shirts that are as unique as your dad's. These shirts are perfect for casual outings or a relaxed day at home.

    Why choose Shibori for Father’s Day?

    • Each shirt is one-of-a-kind
    • Soft, comfortable fabric
    • Adds a touch of artistry to casual wear


    Bindaas Shirts: Bold and Vibrant


    For the dad who loves to make a statement, our Bindaas shirts are the perfect choice. These shirts feature bold prints and vibrant colours that reflect the lively spirit of Indian festivals. Made from high-quality cotton, Bindaas shirts are not only stylish but also incredibly comfortable.

    Why choose Bindaas for Father’s Day?

    • Eye-catching designs
    • High comfort factor
    • Perfect for festive occasions or a fun day out


    Ajrakh Block Print Shirts: Heritage in Every Thread


    Ajrakh is an ancient block-printing technique that dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Our Ajrakh block print shirts are meticulously crafted by artisans using natural dyes and traditional methods. These shirts are a testament to India's rich textile heritage and are perfect for the dad who values history and craftsmanship.

    Why choose Ajrakh for Father’s Day?

    • Rich cultural significance
    • Eco-friendly natural dyes
    • Perfect for both casual and semi-formal occasions


    Sanganeri Shirts: Floral Elegance


    Sanganeri print, known for its intricate floral patterns, adds a touch of elegance to any wardrobe. Our Sanganeri shirts are handcrafted by artisans who use traditional block-printing techniques. These shirts are light, airy, and perfect for the dad who loves understated elegance.

    Why choose Sanganeri for Father’s Day?

    • Delicate floral designs
    • Lightweight and breathable
    • Ideal for a refined, elegant look


    Kalamkari Shirts: Stories in Fabric


    Kalamkari is a hand-painting or block-printing technique that tells stories through intricate designs. Our Kalamkari shirts are true pieces of wearable art, featuring detailed patterns that depict mythological scenes, flora, and fauna. These shirts are perfect for the dad who appreciates art and storytelling.

    Why choose Kalamkari for Father’s Day?

    • Intricate, detailed designs
    • Each shirt is a piece of art
    • Perfect for art lovers and storytellers


    Why Choose iTokri for Father’s Day?


    At iTokri, we pride ourselves on promoting sustainable fashion and supporting local artisans. By choosing our handcrafted shirts, you are not only giving your dad a beautiful gift but also contributing to the preservation of traditional crafts and the livelihoods of skilled artisans. Our commitment to quality ensures that each shirt is made with care, using the finest materials and techniques.

    Celebrate the art of craftsmanship and the love for tradition with iTokri’s exquisite collection.

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