Eco-Friendly Plant Hangers - Your Bit towards a Greener Environment

Eco-Friendly Plant Hangers - Your Bit towards a Greener Environment

If you are looking to enhance the look of your home and do a little good for the environment, you should think about getting an eco-friendly plant hanger that will hold your favourite plants and add a charming aesthetic to your interiors. These are sustainable options for keeping your small plants and can be used very easily. A plant pot made with eco-friendly materials like ceramic or natural fibres will not only enhance the interior decor but also pave the way for a greener and more sustainable Earth. You can just add the pit or soil along with the seeds of the plant or the stem if the plant is already grown, and transfer it to this eco plant hanger.

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Benefit To The Environment By Using Eco-Friendly Planters

  • Useful as decor: The best thing about plant hangers is that they look exceptionally stunning as a part of your inside or outside design. Just adding one stunning eco-friendly plant hanger can transform the appearance of your balcony or living room and make it more sophisticated and homely. These plant hangers come in a variety of designs to keep them stylish as well. With metallic frames, ceramic plant hangers in various shapes and colours, and wooden and natural fibre designs, there is no end to the sustainable options out there.
  • Great as a part of sustainable living: If you are someone who is looking for a more meaningful way of approaching interior decor, a plant hanger made with eco-friendly material is perfect for you. They will ensure your plants grow in a natural environment and when it is time for them to be transferred to another pot, these eco-friendly plant hangers can be reused and will decorate your home in a sustainable way.

Types Of Eco-friendly Plant Hangers 

Let us take a look at some of the eco-friendly plant hangers that have no adverse effects on the environment. 

Mesh Plant Hanger

mesh plant hanger looks pretty yet is durable. Made with macrame design these plant hangers are easy to hang and can hold any small planter. 

plant hanger

Owl Plant Hanger

Made from macarme thread, this owl design plant hanger is quirky yet cute and adds a boho charm to your home decor. 

plant hanger

Jute Plant Hanger

Get yourself this earthen pot jute plant hanger that is eco-friendly and cute at the same time. This can be hanged for your indoor and outdoor garden. 

plant hanger

How To Get Them Online?

You can find these amazing eco-friendly plant hangers at the iTokri website and marvel over our wide choice of plant hangers to choose from! You get to pick from a variety of colourful, intricate and beautiful handmade plant hangers made with different materials. We have geometrical-shaped plant hangers made with wood and glass test tubes for your tiny decorative plants. You can also buy wall planter pots in various designs like an owl, cat, fish butterfly and more. These are made with a metallic frame and an elegant white pot to store your plant. Buy ceramic eco-friendly planters, test tube planters, organic water hyacinth planters and more at iTokri.

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With the rise in global warming, undue wastage of resources and generation of tons of waste every day, there is a need for people like us to venture towards eco-friendly options while decorating our homes and making our surroundings as green and clean as possible. With the variety of eco plant hangers at iTokri, you can actually start to make a change and feel positive every day after waking up, thanks to the beautiful plant hangers. So why wait, make your home more beautiful and the Earth more sustainable today with iTokri, your favourite Indian home decor online store.  

FAQs on Eco-friendly Plant Hangers

Are these planters easy to maintain?
Yes, you can maintain these hangers easily by just taking care of them and watering the plants regularly.

What are some of the popular planters at iTokri?
The most popular plant hangers at iTokri are test tube hangers, ceramic planters and natural hand-woven hyacinth fibre planters.

What is the life of these planters?
These planters last for a long time and can be reused again and again. This is what makes them a sustainable option over other planters.

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