5 Reasons Why Steel Lunch Boxes Are Superior To Plastic

5 Reasons Why Steel Lunch Boxes Are Superior To Plastic

Whether you have a husband going to the office, a kid going to school, or you are working, dabba khulne pe smile aana is obvious. 

While people commonly buy plastic and glass containers to pack their food, it is high time to switch and start using apna wahi purana steel ka lunch box, as they are vital in promoting health-conscious and sustainable food habits. There are various reasons to  buy steel lunch boxes,  and they are an incredible alternative to plastic and glass containers, making them an ideal choice for those seeking safe and durable food storage solutions. But with so many options in the market, picking the safest tiffin boxes for your household is crucial.

Enjoy dabbe wale ke khane ka swad with steel lunch boxes online from iTokri that are safe and nostalgic. iTokri understands the importance of sustainable living and proudly offers a diverse range of high-quality stainless steel lunch boxes which prioritise responsibilities from both ends, environmental and functionality. As you read through this blog, you will find about the compelling  advantages of steel lunch boxes  and why replacing them with plastic containers is essential.

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Benefits of Steel Lunch Boxes

Steel lunch boxes or stainless steel tiffins offer many benefits compared to any other material boxes like glass or plastic. Here is a list of some of its best advantages:


Steel lunch boxes can maintain functionality and appearance for many years with proper care because they are resistant to corrosion, dust, and staining. This makes them a better, eco-friendly, and sustainable alternative to other material containers.


Stainless steel boxes can withstand rough impacts better than glass or plastic containers, which prevents the risk of breakage and makes them ideal for everyday use.


Another  advantage of steel lunch boxes  is that they are non-toxic and are best known for not leaching harmful chemicals into food. This assures that your meals stay safe from contamination.

Easy to Clean

These lunch boxes are easy to clean with soap and water by hand and are dishwasher safe, so minimal effort is required to maintain their hygiene and freshness. 

Retention of Temperature

Steel lunch boxes have thermal properties, which help to retain the temperature of food for a long time without extra insulation. This keeps the food cold or hot until you are ready to consume it.



Care Tips For Steel Lunch Boxes

When you adopt the  reasons to use steel lunch boxes,  it is also essential to care for them properly. Proper caring helps to maintain the functionality and longevity of lunch boxes. So some of the best care tips for them are:

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

To avoid the scratching of the surface of the steel, avoid using abrasive cleaners, harsh chemicals, and scouring pads to clean it. Prefer to use a soft sponge or cloth for cleaning it.

Dry The Box Thoroughly

After you wash the lunch box, allow it to dry thoroughly before storing anything to prevent rusting. Ar drying and towel drying are two effective methods.

Hand Washing

Even though most of the lunch boxes are dishwasher-free, it is still recommended to wash them by hand in soapy water to prevent damage or scratching of any decorative finish on it.

Use Protective Bags To Keep Lunch Box

Always use a protective sleeve to carry your stainless steel lunch box, especially when you carry it along with other items in your bag. This will help prevent any damage or scratching.

Avoid Exposure To Extreme Temperature

Despite steel lunch boxes being made in a way that they can withstand temperature changes, you should still avoid exposing them to extreme cold or hot temperatures so that their structural integrity does not deteriorate.



The aesthetically pleasing hand-painted motifs on iTokri's line of tiffin boxes are expertly carved by skilled craftsmen from Kashmir. These lunch boxes not only help you carry your food but inki aesthetic vibe bhi solid hai! 

These  Hand Painted Lunch Boxes  come in a range of patterns, sizes, and colours, which will wow you and the person who looks at them. You can also give your friends and family these three-tier tiffin boxes on special occasions like weddings, birthdays, festivals, anniversaries, housewarmings, etc. 

Not only will your loved ones find our hand-painted steel tiffin box a wonderful gift, but they will also be amazed to know about the incredible  benefits of Steel Lunch Boxes.  So, get your hands on iTokri's beautifully crafted lunch boxes by browsing the website now!

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