5 Ways To Add Batik Printing To Your Wardrobe

5 Ways To Add Batik Printing To Your Wardrobe

Batik Fabrics from Madhya Pradesh & Kutch

Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth, or cloth made using this technique.

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Indian Traditions with Batik Sarees

Look graceful and fashionable in this batik print saree featuring a wax-resist dyeing applied to the whole cloth.

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Batik refers to the art of producing designs on the fabric by using a wax resist method. It is widely used to make quilts, scarves, clothing, soft furnishings, and a range of other items.  Batik printing requires a lot of preparation and supervision but in the end, it is worth the sacrifice. 

The journey of batik printing through the ages proves that batik printing is not merely a handicraft but much more than that. 

Batik printing features traditionally inspired motifs representing the folk scenes such as flowers, birds, bees, leaves, and other designs. It is the popularity of the batik fabric due to which, many women want to add it to their Indian clothing collection. 

Consequently, if you are also wondering how to add batik-printed clothes to your Indian clothing collection, then we have got you back. Go through this post to learn more about traditional Indian batik-printed clothes. 

5 Ways To Add Batik Print Clothes To Your Wardrobe

Batik Print Dress Material 

Batik Print Dress Material

The first way to add batik printed clothes to your clothing collection is to shop batik print dress material. Using this batik-printed dress material, you can make a salwar suit for yourself with the design of your choice. 

iTokri provides fine quality batik block printed and bottom material along with the kota doria cotton zari border dupatta. The whole cloth is made using the wax-resist dyeing technique. Besides this, the traditional designs and motifs used in the Indian                             Batik are passed down from generation to generation. 

Batik printed stoles 

batik printed stoles

The next batik printed clothes to have in your collection include batik printed stoles. Stoles are long fabric pieces worn around the neck and shoulders which in turn makes the stole a versatile clothing piece. 

Batik printed stoles come in numerous colours and patterns which are enough for you to make a statement. Moreover, these are versatile and add a touch of elegance to both casual and formal outfits. 

Batik printed sarees 

Batik-printed sarees are another way to add traditional Indian batik-printed clothes to your wardrobe. The intricate patterns, and vibrant hues used in the making of the sarees are what make batik-printed sarees extremely popular among women. 

Some of the popular occasions to wear batik printed saree are festivals, weddings, and other such events. Opt for a subtly printed saree and understatement jewellery for a professional look.

Wearing this saree will make you look fashionable and unique at the same time. Check out the batik-printed sarees at our website now. 

Batik-printed stitched suits 

batik-printed stitched suit set

Most women out there prefer buying stitched suits compared to unstitched ones because of the hassle involved in getting the unstitched suits stitched. If you are also the one, then consider shopping for batik printed stitched suit sets for yourself and your loved ones. 

iTokri’s batik-printed stitched suit set includes a shirt along with a palazzo and a dupatta. Be it your office or some casual event, you can wear this suit to nearly every occasion. The best way to style this is to wear minimal accessories and flat sandals. Wearing this will give you a relaxed and stylish look at the same time. 

Hand-painted batik dupattas 

batik dupatta

How can anyone forget about the Hand-painted batik dupattas? Surely, not. With plenty of designs available on our website, we are sure you’ll find the one for yourself. 

Ensure to pair the hand-painted batik dupatta with a plain suit or any other contrasting colour suit. You can also wear it with a plain kurta and leggings. 

Consider draping your batik-printed dupatta around your neck and securing it there with a belt for a chic look. There are endless possibilities to style batik-printed dupattas for a variety of occasions. 

Wrapping Up

iTokri has got everything for you from batik-printed dress materials to batik-printed dupattas. Explore our handmade batik print collection and pick the ones that suit your unique style and personality. 

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